Puppy  Visits


If you are lucky enough to have a new puppy it is essential that they are kept in a routine even when you cannot be there. I know from personal experience that the most stressful part of having a puppy is leaving them on their own during the working day. Puppies cannot usually hold their bladder for more than three hours, so it's important that they have regular 'potty'' times to help with successful house training.

Paws To Doors can offer you a soloution to help with this. We will visit your home, toilet & play with your puppy , feed them if required and clean up any unwanted mess!
Puppies require a great deal of love and attention. We can provide companionship and care visits, which can include indoor or outdoor playtime. We can then build this up, as your puppy gets older including a small walk from your house.





Routine and organisation at an early stage of the puppy's life is very important if they are to grow into a confident, well socialized and happy family pet. It will also assist in the toilet training process and will build a strong and trusting bond with us, possibly in preparation for our dog walking services at a later stage. (Space permitting)




Puppy Visit Prices
1 visit per day - from £10-12
2 visits per day - from £17-19
Cuddles free !
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