Cat  Visits



Our Cat home visits are ideal for Cat owners who are reluctant to put their cat into a Cattery while away on holiday or business and this could also be a far more cost effective option if you have more than one cat. We can call in to tend to your Cat, which includes feeding, petting, play, providing fresh water and changing their litter tray. If you are away on holiday we are happy to collect the post, turn on the lights and heating and draw the curtains as necessary, to make your home looked 'lived in'.


A minimum of 1 visit every 24 hours is necessary in accordance with Animal Welfare Law.






From £10 for a daily visit.........depending on area and amount of Cats needing care.

Please contact us for a quote.



A 50% non-refundable deposit is taken at the time of booking.



**Please note on Christmas Day/Boxing Day/ New Years Day & Bank visits will incur an extra £5 charge. Service subject to availability.


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