Dog  Walking

Dogs not only need exercise, they absolutely love it too! Apart from it keeping them fit and healthy, exercise provides them with the mental and physical stimulation that is needed for a happy Dog. Many undesirable habits such as excessive barking and chewing, are simply your dog expressing it's pent up energy or frustration.

Whatever the weather, we offer regular or occasional dog walks (in the case of extreme weather walks may be cancelled if it's too risky to travel).



"A Well Walked Dog Is A Well Behaved Dog'




Your dog will be collected from your home & transported in our Paws To Doors van, to the designated walk, which will vary regulary to provide continous stimulation and variation. The van is caged for safety reasons, so there are no loose dogs roaming in the back, and the dogs also have their own space if needed. In the summer it is cool as there are no glass windows in the dog's area, especially important as dogs can overheat on sunny days even on short road journeys. After their walk your dog will be returned home & dried off and left to rest.



Dogs are walked in groups. This is good socialisation for your dog. However, your dog must not show any signs of anti-social behaviour, or be a disruption to a group. Whilst allowances are always made so dogs can settle in and find their feet and make new friends, we reserve the right to decline custom if a dog is deemed a risk to walk, wether it be to theirself, ourselves or other canine members of the group. Safety and an enjoyable fulfilling group walk, is the aim and to ensure each dog benefits positively in all aspects.



According to the R.S.P.C.A it is advisable not to leave dogs alone for more than 4 hours, so a dog walk could be an ideal soloution to alleviate boredom, give them a chance to excercise and toilet, and give you piece of mind that their needs have been attended to in your absence.
Dogs can be let off lead in a designated area providing they have a good recall and owners sign a disclaimer for insurance purposes.


Group walks are offered Mon-Fri between 9am-2pm (not incuding Bank Hols/Christmas Day & New Years Day) We regret we cannot give exact times of walks, this may vary from day to day, week to week, depending on logistics as we have to plan walks based on area & amount of bookings.



To avoid disappointment we suggest you get your walking requirements to us as soon as possible for the week ahead as spaces do fill up quickly, we really dislike turning people away who text late on Sunday evenings, by this time most places are gone and the walks are planned.

Our work mobile is on from 8am-8pm each day, we don't return messages before or after those times as it is then switched off until the next working day.


PLEASE NOTE- We are unable to walk females in season. Or dogs that are banned in the UK

-Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero-




Dog Walking Prices
1hr Group Walk for one dog -  £12
2 dogs from same household - £20
3 dogs from same household - £28
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