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Q-Why should I choose Paws To Doors to walk my Dog?

A-We are Hexham's original Pet Care Service who were established in 2011,  during that time has come a wealth of experience. We are committed to providing a caring, professional, reliable service. This is not just a job to us, we love working with animals. We are experienced Dog handlers, we also have 4 Dogs of our own, and have owned Dogs for 30yrs. I (Michelle) am currently doing a Diploma in Animal Psychology. I'm also a qualified Canine Bowen Technique Practicioner. Myself & my Husband Stephen, are both trained in Animal 1st Aid.
We have a very good reputation, with many of our Customers coming to us via 'word of mouth'.
We take Dogs for walks in some lovely places, some of which we have been given permission by the Landowner to walk on, so your Dogs will get free running and stimulation should you allow them off lead & providing their recall is good, their senses also get a great work out too!
We do not stand on the spot throwing a ball for an hour, this carries the risk of severe injury
from repetitive one sided motion or slipping, sliding and jarring. Running for extended periods is simply not natural to dogs and the most common problems related to ball retrieving are lumbar spine and muscle injuries and strain, sacral-lumbar misalignments, cruciate ligament injuries and colliding with other Dogs.  
Your Dog gets an hour long purpose filled, pack walk & interaction with it's own species.
Your Dog will also be transported in our safe secure, custom caged van, which has a 1st Aid Kit, and a Portable Shower should your dog like mud!
Our van is custom signed with our Trade Mark so you know who we are when we come to collect or see to your pets.
Q-How much do you charge for Dog Walking ?

A-Dog walks are an hour long & it costs £12. Two Dogs from the same family £17, 3 Dogs from the same family £22.
Q-How many dogs are walked together?
A-We are insured to walk up to 6 Dogs per person. The amount of Dogs per walk depends on a few factors so group sizes can vary. The group also has to get along with one another, so groups are matched according to personality & needs also, for instance, I wouldn't put an elderly Dog into a high energy group, or a nervous Dog into a larger group.
Once placed, the Dogs have a great time in their groups where they can play & interact with each other, it's great socialisation!
Q-When are you available to walk my Dog?
A-Mon-Fri ....not including any Bank Holidays though.
We do take up to 4wks holiday per year, which will include a period over Christmas, but we always give at least  one month's notice to customers.
Q-Will You Feed My Dog After A Walk?
A - It is not advisable to feed a Dog at least one hour before or after exercise.  Feeding after exercise can cause bloat, a life threatening condition, due to the build up of gas which can occur through physical exersion. Bloat can especially affect deep chested breeds, so as a precaution we do not put down food for Dogs after exercise to be on the safe side.
Q-Would you walk my Dog whilst I'm on Holiday? My neighbour will also occasionally pop in to check on them?

A-Unfortunately not. It's your responsibility to put in place adequate care & supervision for your Dog whilst you're away. A walk is simply not enough to cover the Dog's needs during a 24hr period & have refused this kind of work on principal.
We do walk Dogs for people who's owners are on Holiday, but they always have someone staying in their household who can tend to their Dog once they return from work, or be it an elderly relative who is looking after the Dog but who can't manage a walk, those are the usual scenarios.
Q-Will my Dog be let off lead ?
A-If your Dog has a good recall & you give signed consent, yes we will allow free running, in certain areas. 
Q-How do you collect and drop off my dog?  

A-We will come and collect your dog from your home in our van. Customers generally provide us with a key to the house so we can get access to your dog and return them after the walk. Keys are safely stored with us & will never contain your name or address.
Q-How Is My Dog Transported ?
A-From the very first day of trading , Paws To Doors has invested in caged vans to transport your pets. Safety is paramount to us, the cages keep dogs secure & separated during transit & with having no windows in the caged area, they are kept cool, and stimulis is kept to a minimum which helps for calm transportaion. Your Dogs will not be transported in the back of a car boot, I wouldn't be happy with this kind of set up as a paying customer as you need to consider very important safety issues, the risk of dogs having a squabble (what would you do whilst you were driving) the impact of a collision to the boot, dogs leaping out the boot once you open it etc..... this is the reason we have had appropriate transport from the beginning, putting your Dog's first.

Q-What if I need to cancel a walk?
A-We appreciate life is unpredictable, but if you could let us know of any changes as soon as possible, as getting to the customers home to find we aren't needed has a knock on effect to the rest of the days plans as we could have placed another Dog in that walking slot. If we get to the customers house to find we are not needed or are unable to gain access then we do charge the original agreed fee to cover fuel costs & time taken.
We are able to be contacted by mobile between the hours of 8am -8pm. After 8pm the phone automatically goes to voicemail or you can text, but you won't get a reply until after 8am the next morning.
Q-What if my pet needs a Vet whilst in your care?

A-The wellbeing of your pet is of fundamental importance to us. If your pet is taken ill we will contact you immediately, and if necessary, take your pet to their registered vet surgery for immediate attention.

** If you decide that our service is not for you, or that we are, but cannot accommodate your needs due to our busy work load, please be sure to ask any potential Pet Carer that they have Insurance & Public Liability Insurance in place, what experience they have, and that they only walk/care for the amount of Dogs they are insured to do so. If they Homeboard they should also be Council Licensed. Your pets deserve the best of care**
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